WIAW: Veggies At Every Meal

Goood Morning!

I kind of went MIA yesterday? Well that’s because I had nothing to post! All the food photos I took were for today because I like getting these posts up in the morning rather than the end of Wednesday. So; I was thinking of what I could do on Tuesdays and this is what I came up with: Beauty Tuesdays or Some Meals from Last Wednesday. The meals from last wednesday would be because I typically do WIAW from tuesday and my wednesday meals don’t make the blog. Beauty tuesday would be posts about different beauty related things! I can also just interchange the two :) So tell me what you think!


Phew that was a long intro! Lets move on to the FOOD. Both me and Leroy woke up sleepy and that can only mean one thing…


IMG_0766 IMG_0767

Coffee!  FYI the stevia I use is in this blue container and is much less expensive than the packets you can buy. If you love stevia I highly recommend picking it up in bulk to save some cash for more important things like FRESH MINT for smoothies…



IMG_0776 IMG_0778

As you can see breakfast was a usual around here and was actually the exactly the same as Monday!  but incase you missed that post

Todays Smoothie:

  • 1 c Frozen Raspberries
  • The rest of my magic bullet packed of Kale
  • 8 fresh Mint leaves
  • Juice of one Lemon
  • 2/3 tsp Stevia (2 packets)

Apparently half a magic bullet packed of Kale is a lot more than I thought it was; because after only 2 smoothies this is the amount I have left…

IMG_0772 IMG_0773

:shock: Yup an entire 5 oz pack of Kale demolished in two days.

I followed things up with a couple pieces of AB fudge! Im probably going to have to make another batch of this tomorrow because your girl is running low.




After breakfast I completed this JNL On the Go workout from bodybuilding.com! After a nice little break from it yesterday I couldn’t wait to do it again. What can I say when I find a workout I love I never get sick of it! This is just the perfect mix of cardio + strength training plus I can most definitely feel the burn the entire time! I completed this workout with the usual episode of Orange is the New Black.


Fun Fact? Sometimes I workout in my PJ’s.. Okay most of the time..


After my workout I did some schoolwork, got ready for the day and then grabbed a snack!

IMG_0793 IMG_0792

A banana and a quick dip into the AB jar. It was the perfect fuel to get me through the test I had to write afterwards.


After getting even more school work done my stomach started grumbling and I wanted to prep some chicken for the week to eat up so I killed two birds with one stone literally and used some of it for lunch!


I first spiced the chicken with curry and a little salt then baked in the oven. In the last few minutes of it baking I popped some frozen veggies + fresh green beans in the microwave for 6 minutes. In the last minute of the veggies cooking I mixed in more curry powder and some chicken broth concentrate!


Can you spot leroy in the background?!

Then I chopped up the chicken breast and viola my new favourite meal!


I ate this meal along with a cup of joy! Its real name is Merry Mint Green tea.


Someone else wanted in on the food ;) and when he didn’t get any he was pretty disappointed.. I call this the stink eye.


Then I caught up on some more school, watched an episode of the bachelor and before I knew it it was time for dinner!


I wanted to keep things simple.IMG_0802


So I started by sautéing up another Freybes Chicken Sausage in Sun dried Tomato and half a small onion. Truth be told; I only did a small onion because a) onions make me cry like a little girl if I chop them for to long and b) I did not feel like cleaning out my food processor which is usually what I use for onions. While that was cooking I microwaved the rest of my frozen veggies mentioned above and added in another 1/2 tsp of chicken broth concentrate, curry powder and salt! Once the onions were translucent and the chicken was warm I added it to my bowl of veggies and mixed!


A couple hours later I was ready for something sweet and ate up a big bowl of green grapes and strawberries.


Then it was off to bed; and that concludes todays WIAW!

Don’t forget to check out Jen for more awesome posts and don’t forget to tell me: Beauty Tuesdays, or What I ate Last Wednesday OR alternating! 

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